Oily skin and how to manage it

Hello Skincare lover! Let's talk oily skin. In my opinion, it's a great skin type to have because people with oily skin usually age very well due to the sebum production, which in turn means fewer wrinkles! in fact, I think it is the best skin type to have, so if you have oily skin - count yourself lucky!

However, if you have oily skin you may not think it's that great due to the difficulty managing it. And it does take a lot more to manage an oily skin type. But, there are definitely ways to manage oily skin. Let me go through them with you.

Most importantly, you should never strip away all the natural oils. So firstly, look at your cleanser. Is it leaving your skin feeling dry or dehydrated? What about the rest of your products? If your products are stripping away your natural oils, and in turn, your skin is working extra hard to compensate, it can actually produce MORE oil, leaving your skin blemish breeding and clogged! Ouch! it is also extra important to hydrate the skin, which means a good serum will work very well. All skin types need hydration, which means they need water. With the right set of products you can see great results, it's all about feeding your skin and creating a balance, rather than taking away! leave out the harsh chemicals from your skincare routine, let your skin breathe.

Liloh Skincare is great for all skin types. It comes with a cleanser that is effective, gentle and gel-like, yet won't strip away the natural oils of your skin. The Day and Night Cream soothes, hydrates and lets your skin breathe without clogging your pores. Lastly, the serum that comes with three key vitamins all help the skin in different ways -  A, C, E vitamins - all packed into one serum. 

  • Vitamin C - Vitamin C is great for stimulating collagen and is essential for glowing skin. It can also firm the skin, help with those dark spots, and is known for its brightening effect.
  • Vitamin A - It protects against UV damage. It also evens skin tone, helps to clear breakouts and helps smooth out wrinkles.
  • Vitamin E - a powerful antioxidant and effective at fighting against the effects of free radicals. It is also known to help with scars.

Most importantly, start looking after your skin sooner rather than later. Prevention is key and those 5 minutes of self-care and self-love you give yourself twice a day are definitely to be included in your daily routine! you deserve it!

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